RAW Sticks

Diese Kette ist aus der aktuellen Beadwork, und genau weil ich RAW nicht besonders kann und mag, zwinge ich mich ab und an genau dazu, weil man a) an seinen Defiziten nur wachsen und lernen kann und b) kann man (leider) mit RAW wirklich schöne Sachen machen.
Und nach getaner Arbeit muß ich sagen: es hat gar nicht wehgetan!

This necklace is from the current issue of Beadwork- and just because I don't particularly like and know RAW I sometimes force myself to do exactly this as it a) proves that you can only grow on challenges and b) RAW is a technique to make really nice things.
This said and done I have to confess: it didn't hurt at all!


Giusina Giusi hat gesagt…

Hi there,
I am absolutely and totally taken by your work! Is there any chance to contact you in private to ask if and when you do Perlenhäkeln courses in Munich?
Danke danke!

Santafe hat gesagt…

Hi Giusina,

thank you so much! But I'm "just" a beader, not giving any courses, I'm just beading for fun. I'm currently working on some tutorials to sell, but not yet ready.
The Perlenhäkeln- Women meet irregulary in Munich, about every 3 months and we just sit and bead and talk.

If you like this particular design with the Raw Sticks, it's not my design, but from a Beadwork magazine.
If you want to know more, you can contact me via e-mail, I'm happy to chat more!


Santafe hat gesagt…

Hi Giusina,

I got your mail, thank you! Maybe you can contact me at santafe1@nexgo.de and I can answer you via private mail!

Talk to you soon,